fall has fell

well before this whole fall season
(which didn't REALLY happen)
is completely behind us,
i figured an update of the rest of our
October was in order!

without further adieu:

we celebrated Joey's Birthday

Gifts from ME :)
my delicious popeye pizza at iggy's
biggest burger!
(iggy's was HIS choice. his yankees were playing. 
and if you don't know, iggy's = BIG SCREEN!)

celebrating at the good ol' leaning tower.

cornbelly's with friends

the duck races got a little intense
alex's face is proof!
we finished!
alex and kaila

scott and megan
we had a family halloween party with my fam
and i made about a million carmel apples. 
(mom decorated)

Joey's Pumpkin

Cupcakes for the Ward Party
we were in charge of the cake walk

Some of my faves:

can you guess who we are?!

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  1. Caauuutte Jenna!! I had no idea you did all this fun stuff, WHERE have I/you been? Ryan and I like Joey, we were just discussing. :)