merry christmas from my house to yours :)

i may not be ready for christmas yet,

but our HOUSE is!

i have always loved decorating, and as a newlywed,
i love trying to figure out cute ways to decorate
while staying on a 


ESPECIALLY with the holidays right around the corner!

Most of the time this means that i make most of our decor,
with supplies from where else, but 

i LOVE the dollar tree

anywho, these are some of my recent projects:
(just waiting on the tree, since it will be REAL!!!)

still trying to figure out where to put this sign....

maybe in the center of this?

the sign under FAMILY is interchangeable for the seasons :)

feather tree

and our windowsill we use as our mantle :)

I'm excited to start new traditions with joey for our little family, 
add new ones from HIS family,
and have him to celebrate with mine, too.

I am interested in finding other ways to celebrate and love hearing about YOUR traditions!
I love this time of year, and can't wait for christmas!


  1. CUTE!! I'm going to have to stop by the Dollar Store. We go there every holiday to get decorations for the office. They have some cute stuff there. I was surprised.

  2. Did you make that Merry Christmas sign!? Impressive! Teach me.