i don't see what anyone can see in anyone else

one year ago

i put on this dress
made this headband
put on these shoes
and went HERE
all so that i could marry this guy

my best friend
it was a BEAUTIFUL day, and the happiest of my life
i couldn't imagine a better husband
and am so glad i get to have him


for our anniversary this last weekend,
we went back
and the day was just as beautiful,
and i was just as happy.

we went to dinner at texas roadhouse
and i got this beauty
(so i no longer have to covet my little sister's)
and we ate 1-year-old frozen wedding cake.

it was such a fun weekend and i loved spending it alone
with joey.

i love you babe,
to infinity and beyond


8 dresses

with my new job, i am working 3 12-hour shifts,
which leaves me 4 days off a week.

what's a girl to do with all that time?

i've been expanding my wardrobe,

1 dress at a time.

most of my fabric starts out as vintage sheets,
i just love the colors and patterns.
(not to mention ALL this fabric only cost $12!

this was for my niece cali's 2nd birthday

ruffle trim neckline and elastic sleeves


my second one for me

pleats down the front

wrap dress
(my easter dress :))

my favorite part,
the ruffle neckline

i am in the middle of an 8 day break from work
and when my dad asked what i was going to do i told him,

"make 8 dresses :)"

linked to:

DIY under $5



happiest place on earth

two weeks ago joey and i went to disneyland
with some of my family.

we road-tripped it out there, and had a lot of fun.
we stopped at outlets for shopping,
and wanted to go on our favorite roller coaster along the way

we hit it on the wrong day of the week
(but we made sure to stop on our way home:))

we spent the first night in huntington beach,
and went to our FAVORITE ihop for breakfast the next day.

we then showed joey all of our favorite places along
pacific coast highway.

our first stop was balboa island, where we met a fellow cougs fan.

then on to treasure island beach in laguna, and it was a BEAUTIFUL day!

complete with lots of beach babes.

we also went to gina's pizza.

i forgot to take a picture of the delicious pizza, but it's our favorite!
we also went to san clemente pier to watch the surfers.

we stayed the rest of the time in anahiem, just a few blocks from disneyland,
which was of course where we went the next day.

for those of you who have not been since
i highly recommend going asap,
it is AMAZING!!

now if the weather here would just warm up i wouldn't be so eager to go right back!