....3 days left!

People, people.
Are you aware that there are only 3 days until Christmas?!
I started my christmas shopping this year on Black Friday, and basically finished on Dec. 1.
(although Joey and I have done some shopping together since) so there has been nothing for me to do but to wait for these past
Anyone who knows me will tell you I am not the most patient person. One thing to helpease my anxiety in waiting for the big day is doing "25 days of Christmas" for Joey. Which basically means I have been giving him a small presesnt in a little silver box every day of December.
However, that has not stopped me from asking him almost daily if we can just have Christmas already, "since, ya know, we're grown-ups and can do whatever we want."
We have done some fun things this month though, all of which have to happen before Christmas so i guess the waiting game hasn't been all bad :)
we of course got our 2nd Christmas tree and decorated while we watched a movie and ate pizza
I decorated my office for Christmas too, and have had to refill this once or twice....
We went to the Spanish Fork Festival of Lights again this year, followed by a visit to the Salem Pond to see the floating trees
Sunday I made some sugar cookies, and have plans to make more tonight :)
I made these with my cricut (which i LOVE) to remember which order I want Joey to open in his presents in haha.
And last night, we went and bought some awesome sweaters to turn into our new STOCKINGS!
I just love how they turned out, and that they are exactly what we wanted.
We have a couple more things planned to celebrate, especially since this is when we met and started dating two years ago, and I can't wait. But I swear I am like a kid, and am just so excited for Christmas morning!!


"108 days of summer vacation"

Well this has been quite the summer.

it's been soooo great in fact that i have had no time at all to write
blogs about the fun that we have been having!

Unfortunately, my camera went for a little swim
on one of our adventures and i am still trying to salvage
my pictures......

but i guess until then you can just hear about our grand adventures and
and i will post pictures next time?
(if i'm lucky)

Well, after we went to disneyland in may,
and celebrated our anniversary,
we were lucky enough head on down to


and we were even there over my birthday!
It was one of the most fun vacations that i have ever had,
and definitely the best birthday!

our friends Alex and Kaila were even able to come by, since their honeymoon
cruise stopped in cozumel ON MY BIRTHDAY!

we stayed in a condo right on the ocean,
went scuba diving in the Caribbean,
and danced the night away in the plaza to music we didn't understand.

it was incredible.

since then, we have been camping
We have been to currant creek,
electric lake,
most recently smith & morehouse
and to our family cabin multiple times.
one of our favorite things to do when we go to the cabin is
go to the drive in movie mt. pleasant

we have seen some terrible movies, but it is still so much fun!
we put a mattress in the back of the truck
and just relax under the stars,
definitely our favorite way to watch a movie.

well other than that, i have just started a new job as well.
I am still working at utah valley regional,
but have transferred to working in

It is a big change from my last job, but it is really cool.
My job is to be back in the OR and assisting the doctors
in performing c-sections.
It is really great, and good to have a little change in my routine.

joey is also staying busy with his tile jobs, and is currently doing a big project in salt lake.
he is hoping to go into real estate when he gets some time.

i apologize for not having any pictures, and if you read this whole thing,
i love you. haha.
like i said, hopefully i can recover some of our photos


i don't see what anyone can see in anyone else

one year ago

i put on this dress
made this headband
put on these shoes
and went HERE
all so that i could marry this guy

my best friend
it was a BEAUTIFUL day, and the happiest of my life
i couldn't imagine a better husband
and am so glad i get to have him


for our anniversary this last weekend,
we went back
and the day was just as beautiful,
and i was just as happy.

we went to dinner at texas roadhouse
and i got this beauty
(so i no longer have to covet my little sister's)
and we ate 1-year-old frozen wedding cake.

it was such a fun weekend and i loved spending it alone
with joey.

i love you babe,
to infinity and beyond


8 dresses

with my new job, i am working 3 12-hour shifts,
which leaves me 4 days off a week.

what's a girl to do with all that time?

i've been expanding my wardrobe,

1 dress at a time.

most of my fabric starts out as vintage sheets,
i just love the colors and patterns.
(not to mention ALL this fabric only cost $12!

this was for my niece cali's 2nd birthday

ruffle trim neckline and elastic sleeves


my second one for me

pleats down the front

wrap dress
(my easter dress :))

my favorite part,
the ruffle neckline

i am in the middle of an 8 day break from work
and when my dad asked what i was going to do i told him,

"make 8 dresses :)"

linked to:

DIY under $5



happiest place on earth

two weeks ago joey and i went to disneyland
with some of my family.

we road-tripped it out there, and had a lot of fun.
we stopped at outlets for shopping,
and wanted to go on our favorite roller coaster along the way

we hit it on the wrong day of the week
(but we made sure to stop on our way home:))

we spent the first night in huntington beach,
and went to our FAVORITE ihop for breakfast the next day.

we then showed joey all of our favorite places along
pacific coast highway.

our first stop was balboa island, where we met a fellow cougs fan.

then on to treasure island beach in laguna, and it was a BEAUTIFUL day!

complete with lots of beach babes.

we also went to gina's pizza.

i forgot to take a picture of the delicious pizza, but it's our favorite!
we also went to san clemente pier to watch the surfers.

we stayed the rest of the time in anahiem, just a few blocks from disneyland,
which was of course where we went the next day.

for those of you who have not been since
i highly recommend going asap,
it is AMAZING!!

now if the weather here would just warm up i wouldn't be so eager to go right back!


so long, so long.

our dear dear friends

are leaving us and moving to California at the end of the month.
(ryan got a dream job, and is super cool)

Jo and I have been friends since Elementary School.
We have been through A LOT together.
We were even roomies our Freshman year at Utah State.

We have grown very close, and I am sad to see her go!
They are the first of our friends to actually "grow-up" and leave,
and I am still finding it strange.

We love hanging out with her and her hubby Ryan,

along with the GOULDINGS as well.

I am still in denial
and secretly wish we could all share this grand adventure together.

I see many visits to the Golden State in the future,
but will miss them nonetheless!

(take us with you!)


rise and shout

well we had quite the week!!

on wednesday, i discovered i got a much wanted/needed/perfect
job i have been interviewing for for the last month or so
working at

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center/American Fork Hospital

as a PCT (CNA)
and we couldn't be happier!
I have orientation for the hospital TOMORROW!!!!

On Thursday, we were saddened by the BYU basketball team
losing the game to Florida, IN OVERTIME nonetheless.

I detest overtime.

However, we heard the team was going to be coming home, flying into
the Provo Airport
(don't worry, I didn't know there was an airport in Provo for long either)

Anyway, we went to see the team, and actually got a ball and hat signed,
and even got interviewed by Ch. 13 news!

Here are some pictures of the day too
for your enjoyment :)


Chris Collinsworth

Kyle Collinsworth

Brandon Davies

Logan Magnusson

Noah Hartsock

Jackson Emery

Coach Rose


(stupid flash was turned off.....)
But This was of course the highlight of the morning!!

We've had fun going to all the home games with my dad this year,
and hope next year's team is as fun to watch as they were this year!