....3 days left!

People, people.
Are you aware that there are only 3 days until Christmas?!
I started my christmas shopping this year on Black Friday, and basically finished on Dec. 1.
(although Joey and I have done some shopping together since) so there has been nothing for me to do but to wait for these past
Anyone who knows me will tell you I am not the most patient person. One thing to helpease my anxiety in waiting for the big day is doing "25 days of Christmas" for Joey. Which basically means I have been giving him a small presesnt in a little silver box every day of December.
However, that has not stopped me from asking him almost daily if we can just have Christmas already, "since, ya know, we're grown-ups and can do whatever we want."
We have done some fun things this month though, all of which have to happen before Christmas so i guess the waiting game hasn't been all bad :)
we of course got our 2nd Christmas tree and decorated while we watched a movie and ate pizza
I decorated my office for Christmas too, and have had to refill this once or twice....
We went to the Spanish Fork Festival of Lights again this year, followed by a visit to the Salem Pond to see the floating trees
Sunday I made some sugar cookies, and have plans to make more tonight :)
I made these with my cricut (which i LOVE) to remember which order I want Joey to open in his presents in haha.
And last night, we went and bought some awesome sweaters to turn into our new STOCKINGS!
I just love how they turned out, and that they are exactly what we wanted.
We have a couple more things planned to celebrate, especially since this is when we met and started dating two years ago, and I can't wait. But I swear I am like a kid, and am just so excited for Christmas morning!!