rise and shout

well we had quite the week!!

on wednesday, i discovered i got a much wanted/needed/perfect
job i have been interviewing for for the last month or so
working at

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center/American Fork Hospital

as a PCT (CNA)
and we couldn't be happier!
I have orientation for the hospital TOMORROW!!!!

On Thursday, we were saddened by the BYU basketball team
losing the game to Florida, IN OVERTIME nonetheless.

I detest overtime.

However, we heard the team was going to be coming home, flying into
the Provo Airport
(don't worry, I didn't know there was an airport in Provo for long either)

Anyway, we went to see the team, and actually got a ball and hat signed,
and even got interviewed by Ch. 13 news!

Here are some pictures of the day too
for your enjoyment :)


Chris Collinsworth

Kyle Collinsworth

Brandon Davies

Logan Magnusson

Noah Hartsock

Jackson Emery

Coach Rose


(stupid flash was turned off.....)
But This was of course the highlight of the morning!!

We've had fun going to all the home games with my dad this year,
and hope next year's team is as fun to watch as they were this year!