"108 days of summer vacation"

Well this has been quite the summer.

it's been soooo great in fact that i have had no time at all to write
blogs about the fun that we have been having!

Unfortunately, my camera went for a little swim
on one of our adventures and i am still trying to salvage
my pictures......

but i guess until then you can just hear about our grand adventures and
and i will post pictures next time?
(if i'm lucky)

Well, after we went to disneyland in may,
and celebrated our anniversary,
we were lucky enough head on down to


and we were even there over my birthday!
It was one of the most fun vacations that i have ever had,
and definitely the best birthday!

our friends Alex and Kaila were even able to come by, since their honeymoon
cruise stopped in cozumel ON MY BIRTHDAY!

we stayed in a condo right on the ocean,
went scuba diving in the Caribbean,
and danced the night away in the plaza to music we didn't understand.

it was incredible.

since then, we have been camping
We have been to currant creek,
electric lake,
most recently smith & morehouse
and to our family cabin multiple times.
one of our favorite things to do when we go to the cabin is
go to the drive in movie mt. pleasant

we have seen some terrible movies, but it is still so much fun!
we put a mattress in the back of the truck
and just relax under the stars,
definitely our favorite way to watch a movie.

well other than that, i have just started a new job as well.
I am still working at utah valley regional,
but have transferred to working in

It is a big change from my last job, but it is really cool.
My job is to be back in the OR and assisting the doctors
in performing c-sections.
It is really great, and good to have a little change in my routine.

joey is also staying busy with his tile jobs, and is currently doing a big project in salt lake.
he is hoping to go into real estate when he gets some time.

i apologize for not having any pictures, and if you read this whole thing,
i love you. haha.
like i said, hopefully i can recover some of our photos