it's the MOST wonderful time of the year!!!!

my name is jenna and i am a


it's true. I'm one of THOSE people who listens to christmas music
WELL before Thanksgiving.
and since having cute little apartment with my hubby, i have loved decorating for the holidays,
so of course christmas is no exception.

You all know i decorated awhile ago, see this post.

well yesterday, joseph and i both had some free time so we
went to get our tree and ornaments.

it was so fun going together and deciding what WE wanted on OUR tree.
we love setting each thing as a new tradition will we do in the future.
if you read THIS post you will know why christmas is so special to us.

here our pictures of our quest along the way!

our first christmas tree!!

he is SO perfect.
(yes, he)

putting on our first ornaments.
(thanks nater for being a good sport and photographer)

lights on the tree & snowflakes hangin from the ceiling

all lit up :)

the end result.
we love it.

and christmas.
now the only thing left to do is wait.


becky's bridals

my oldest brother Jason got 


on friday.

I had the privilege of taking some pictures of his lovely bride


Here are my faves::

aren't the flowers beautiful?
mom and becky created :)

and our favorite favorite:

congratulations jason and becky
we love you guys 


merry christmas from my house to yours :)

i may not be ready for christmas yet,

but our HOUSE is!

i have always loved decorating, and as a newlywed,
i love trying to figure out cute ways to decorate
while staying on a 


ESPECIALLY with the holidays right around the corner!

Most of the time this means that i make most of our decor,
with supplies from where else, but 

i LOVE the dollar tree

anywho, these are some of my recent projects:
(just waiting on the tree, since it will be REAL!!!)

still trying to figure out where to put this sign....

maybe in the center of this?

the sign under FAMILY is interchangeable for the seasons :)

feather tree

and our windowsill we use as our mantle :)

I'm excited to start new traditions with joey for our little family, 
add new ones from HIS family,
and have him to celebrate with mine, too.

I am interested in finding other ways to celebrate and love hearing about YOUR traditions!
I love this time of year, and can't wait for christmas!


fall has fell

well before this whole fall season
(which didn't REALLY happen)
is completely behind us,
i figured an update of the rest of our
October was in order!

without further adieu:

we celebrated Joey's Birthday

Gifts from ME :)
my delicious popeye pizza at iggy's
biggest burger!
(iggy's was HIS choice. his yankees were playing. 
and if you don't know, iggy's = BIG SCREEN!)

celebrating at the good ol' leaning tower.

cornbelly's with friends

the duck races got a little intense
alex's face is proof!
we finished!
alex and kaila

scott and megan
we had a family halloween party with my fam
and i made about a million carmel apples. 
(mom decorated)

Joey's Pumpkin

Cupcakes for the Ward Party
we were in charge of the cake walk

Some of my faves:

can you guess who we are?!