drum roll please...........

I know this has been a LOOOOOOONG time coming. 

but the past two months have just been too great to worry about keeping up this
little blog. 

i'll start off by saying,


It doesn't hurt that Joseph is the sweetest, cutest, handsomest, 
best, husband in the WHOLE world.

no question.

Anywho, back to the reason I am posting today, 
the long-time-coming pictures!!!!!

Let me also state, that 


is a phenomenal photographer, 
(not to mention she helped tie sashes on the chairs, place
centerpieces, etc. at our reception when the decorator was running behind
and sending me into a panic)

find her pictures here:

also, it is my fault wholly that these are only being posted now, 
she had my pictures back to me ages ago. 
man I'm a slow-poke. 

any ways, without much further adieu:

(also, these loaded in a funky order, and i am in no mood to organize them,
so bear with the jumping around. thanks :) )

seriously, this was by FAR the best day of my life. 
as it should be right?

i want to also thank AALLLLL of the Hamilton/Parker
families for helping soooo much and for supporting me and Jospeh. 

Shara Park for the BEAUTIFUL flowers. they were everything
i wanted and more!

again, thank you so much 
for the AMAZING pictures, 
all the way through. we LOVED working for you,
and my family really enjoyed you as well!

to all our friends for coming and sharing our day with us. it truly was incredible.

AND last and certainly not least,
i'd like to thank on
mr. joseph parker
for asking me to marry him
5 months, and 6 days ago.
saying yes was the best and easiest decision of my life.