i don't see what anyone can see in anyone else

one year ago

i put on this dress
made this headband
put on these shoes
and went HERE
all so that i could marry this guy

my best friend
it was a BEAUTIFUL day, and the happiest of my life
i couldn't imagine a better husband
and am so glad i get to have him


for our anniversary this last weekend,
we went back
and the day was just as beautiful,
and i was just as happy.

we went to dinner at texas roadhouse
and i got this beauty
(so i no longer have to covet my little sister's)
and we ate 1-year-old frozen wedding cake.

it was such a fun weekend and i loved spending it alone
with joey.

i love you babe,
to infinity and beyond


  1. i absolutely adore you. this is SO darling!

  2. FUN!!!! I love you guys. I love that watch a lot a lot. Was your cake good?

  3. Hey, It's Robin from Keep Home Simple. Just wanted to say congratulations on one year! Sounds like you guys had a good celebration day. BTW, which temple is that? My husband and I were married in the Oakland, CA temple. So glad it was for forever!

  4. This is so cute. Love you two.