fall festivities

on thursday, my dear friends,
along with their boys ryan and zach
came over to celebrate fall with joey and me. 

i made potato broccoli & cheese soup

while jo made grilled cheese for the bunch

our pumpkins had herpes.

the artist

After we carved pumpkins, we watched a movie that Stacy and I had LOVED as young'ns.
we soon realized we were really weird kids. 
*note to self, don't watch favorite childhood movies. you'll be sorely disappointed. 

thanks guys, we had so much fun!!


  1. Yayyy I love it! Such a fun fall filled night. I can't wait for Thanksgiving's activity.

  2. Haha. All of our posts are going to be identical because we're all telling the same story with the same pictures, with our similar humor.

  3. oh i KNOW you did not cut up pumpkins..did i not teach you anything when we lived together?!! haha jk looks like a fun fun night! loves!

  4. oh kristikins, did you not see mine?? it's just spray painted and scratched to show the orange :)
    you taught me well!!!