we are sicky :(

the parker's are down.

today marks the third day joseph and i have been
sick and miserable. 
(tack on an additional day for me)

we actually were able to go out last night with a lovely senior couple from his mission last night, but man are we paying for it today. 

i don't do well with illness. 
last year's swine flew epidemic laid me out for weeks, and nearly cost me my job,
not to mention i had to withdraw from school at the U.

granted, this illness has not been the reason for my lack of posting in the last month,
i would like to take this time to apologize once again for my lack of posts. 

so, while we continue our long weekend of woe, i hope you are enjoying the crisp fall air that i briefly experienced on my airbourne/oj/thermometer run this morning/afternoon. 

and i will post a much-less glum blog next week about the fun we had been having before being hit by the plague.

much love. 

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  1. I wish you would post about the exciting things in your life, herro!! I cannot wait for our triple date tonight! I'm sure me, you, and Stacy will all blog about it...haha we should each blog about a certain part and link to each other's blogs for the full story! Good idea? See you tonight!