lucky ducks

joseph and I are some very fortunate souls.
we have been blessed by a lot of generous people throughout or relationship,
resulting in some very fun things that cost us no money,

which of course is ALWAYS great.

Here are SOME examples of the great things we have
received from the kindness of others:

My Dad gave us a haircutting kit
as a direct result of this night.....

Twice a year (on our birthdays) we get a free dinner at

My awesome favorite bro-in-law gave me these
to surprise joey with the night we got engaged

This couch, was free .99 thanks to the Rivers family,
and also saved from the landfills :)

Our fantastic kitchen table was given to us from
my FAVORITE boss Tory, when i moved from salt lake.
(we have since found some ADORABLE chairs to go with it)

We even WON a CRUISE
as a direct result of THIS embarrassing moment in my life

like i said, we have been very blessed and feel sooo fortunate
to have such wonderful, giving people in our lives,
and a LITTLE luck :)

and yes, we're keeping our fingers crossed to WIN the


wouldn't that be great?


  1. Not fair. Not happy for you. (Kidding. Kinda) What is the Clearing House Sweepstakes...?

  2. I'm glad to see that so many people love you as much as I do... which is a really silly thing for me to say since I haven't really given you anything lately, so pretty much a LOT of people love you MORE than me. Hmmm. I'll have to get on that.

    DO tell me more about the cruise you won! How totally and completely exciting! :D

  3. Freak at this rate you'll win the lottery too. Remember: sharing is caring.