All the updates you never really wanted

blah blah blah 
i'm the worst blogger
blah blah

for all of you who have been DYING for an update of sorts,
(since it's been nearly a year since my last post)
here is what we've been up to in the year of Dragon
(if you're in to the Chinese Zodiac)


My BEAUTIFUL little sister got 

Aren't they precious?! 
Karl is from Idaho Falls so that's where they will probably live forever 
It's still crazy to me, and hard to think of her as married since I dont' get to see them often,
But we LOVE Karl and couldn't be happier for them!!

Also in January, my FAVORITE, cutest, sweetest, best little brother
He was called to the Germany, Frankfurt Mission!

Of all the places in the world he could have gone, this was his DREAM!!!


I just asked Joey what we did in February, and he said
"we celebrated Valentine's Day and Black History Month"
haha thanks captain obvious

according to facebook :

we had good food for the superbowl

and i made mini german pancakes

exciting right? haha moving on......

we had SUCH a fun time in March, we were able to go to 
one more time with my little brother before he left one his mission

we also hit up all of our favorite beaches, 
and stumbled across an awesome car show and farmer's market
in Huntington Beach

we also had the joy of visiting with our dear Metcalfs.
we went to dinner and sat in the hot tub

we failed to get a pictures of ryan and joey reuniting.
forgive me.

we rounded out our month watching the Jazz play the KINGS,
really we just cared about Jimmer :)


we spent the month trying to fit in all the things Nater wanted to do before he left
(most of which i failed to take pictures of)
We went to Lagoon, The Hogle Zoo, watched a TON of movies. 

isn't he the CUTEST?!

This picture makes me cry every time i see it!!

we also went to the drive in movie in

welcomed Amanda home from her mission

and upgraded from my very first car

to this little beauty


joey and i celebrated our 2 YEAR wedding anniversary
he surprised me with a weekend getaway in 
St. George. It was just what we needed. 

we went shopping, had too much yummy food, went to 
a farmer's market, saw a movie, and got some much-needed sun!!


well in june i apparently sucked at taking pictures, but it was
SUCH a fun month!! We went to the drive in twice, we had the Hamilton family reunion at the cabin,
Celebrated my 23rd birthday with an outdoor movie
(man i wish i had some pictures!!!)

Maybe taken after my birthday dinner?

and the drive in movie with Cali!!


july is one of my favorite months.
We celebrated the 4th with the BEST cake in the world!!

it's life-changing

fresh blackberries from the garden

We went camping at Starvation Reservoir.
This was the view from our tent!!

for the 24th we went to Heber with our friends Jay and Jess,
had some DELICIOUS mexican food at Tony's Tacos,
shakes at Granny's  and watched the fireworks over Deer Creek.


this is the time i stopped taking pictures altogether. whoops. 
but there were some highlights this month!
We got to see Steph for about a day.
We ate a lot of really good food, including too many of these:

we went on lots of drives, and stumbled upon this gem

We went up to SLC for one day, and finally got to go to City Creek.
We also went and visited the Magleby Family who i used to Nanny. 

we also went back to Starvation for one last campout. 
we rented jet skis, and were able to have some fun before we 
were struck by not one, but TWO HUGE


we started out September with our annual trip to 
Midway for Swiss Days and dinner at Dairy Keen in Heber.
Labor day we woke and went to breakfast at Magleby's,
and spent the afternoon with Jay and Jess at 7 peaks, getting snow cones,
and watching Bachelor pad! haha 

Joey started in a flag football league....
of course the first games i went to it rained the whole time! haha

i found a FANTASTIC pumpkin cake recipe
if you're into that sort of thing i highly recommend going here for the recipe
 (i left out the pudding mix because i didn't have any on hand and it was still divine!!)

we got to watch our niece and nephews one night,
and got to go to cy's last soccer game of the season
they won 2-0!

we also got to go the the Brigham City Temple 
open house. It was so beautiful!

my dear friend Karlee got married this month too!
We are so excited for her and Jordan!

Joey's highlight of the month:
Getting all this sweet stuff signed by his man-crush

This picture may or may not be by the side of his bed. 
(it's not)

other things of note:
Joey has been taking real estate classes and should be a licensed agent by the end of October

Nater has officially been gone for 5 months, which means only 3 more months until i get to 
skype with him on Christmas!!

oh and since when did blogger finally update? 
adding pictures was a dream. 

the end


  1. HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!!!!!! I loved it!! Please blog more!! This is not me being nice, it's me being serious. Also I laughed out loud at your this may or may not be by his bed (it's not). Haha I love you Jen bunny!

  2. Wow I was fine until the picture of Nate waving goodbye with that look on his face! I was even in the middle of a conversation with my roommate while looking through the photos, and then all of a sudden there were tears exploding out of my eyes. Anyways your blog is adorable. And so are you.